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Top 10 Handyman Tips For Dealing with Flat Pack Assembly

handyman dublinFlat pack furniture is designed to be put together quickly and easily with very few tools, yet many people regard its assembly as a sure-fire route to domestic trauma.

Flatpacks are dsigned for quick and easy assembly, but for it to work out this way you need to be prepared

Here are the handyman Dublin top ten tips for assembling flat pack furniture without the Drama and Frustration commonly involved.

1. Get rid of the wife/husband, children parents, friends or anybody else who is willing to offer advice. An excption can be made if the instructions call for 2 people.

2. Check you have the right tools. There’s nothing worse than having everything spread out all over the place and then discovring you haven’t the right size screwdriver.

3. Clear the room where your planning on putting the flatpack. A nice clean area to lay out all the pieces is the prfct start. Remember large or tall furniture may need to be assembled on the floor. So position your furniture so it can be easily tipped into place.

4. While unpacking the parts and fixings, carefully check that everything is present and correct. The packaging can be used to protect flooring.

5. Carefully identify and separate different size screws and hinges. Place them in cups or bowls for easy access.

6. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. Then’read them again and again if necessary, till you are clear in your mind that you undrstand them.

7. If you are using power tools, make sure you use a low torque setting, to prevent the screws bursting through.

8. Check that each piece is correctly situated and aligned before screwing it into place. Have a spirit level handy so you can ensure that the furniture is properly square when complete.

9. Be carefull when using wood glue. Don’t overuse, and clean of any access as you go. Allow up to 24 hours for the glue to harden before using your new furniture.

10. Check that THE doors are on straight and that they open and close properly, before tightening the hinges fully.

Using these tips will ensure that you achieve the best possible results in the shortest time. Or alterntively you could just give your local handyman a call and save yourself a lot of time or aggravation.

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