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iPhone, A Sleeping Giant In The Gaming World

Best Online Game PlatformGone are the days of when Nokia dominated the mobile phone market. Gone are the days when Blackberry was everyone’s dream. Now is a period when people’s wish is to use an iPhone. In the smart phone world today, iPhones are one of the most respected smart devices. Taking a deep look at the devices, you’ll come to agree that they do deserve respect given to them. These smart devices are among the fastest in the world, and their cameras are first class. We are not here to review iPhones; we rather intend to educate the external world about the sad trend existing in the iPhone gaming world.

The Giant with Great Potential

Among all mobile phones, iPhones are a class of smart devices capable of delivering excellent service. Most of them come with a super-fast processor which is a very desirable gaming element. They also come with standard random access memory (RAM) and have power-efficient systems compared to some Androids. These devices also feature impressive touchscreens that produce astonishing gaming graphics.

The Sleeping Giant

At this point, Android users reading this article will jump into conclusion that iPhone users are really cruising the gaming world. Unfortunately, that is completely far from the truth. As good as iPhones are, it is so sad to state that they are not having much gaming fun as they should. The reason for this is that the number of iPhone developers is not so high, compared to the number of Android developers. Furthermore, the majority of the iPhone game developers available are either not good or experienced. In short, iPhone is a very cool gaming device, but there isn’t a much good game for the platform. This problem is primary due to the fact that iOS (iPhone’s operating system) is proprietary, and also because iOS SDK is relatively expensive.

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